Choosing a Power Generator

electricity generatorThere are many reasons why people need a power generator. Some people need a source of electricity at a location where grid electricity is not available. There are many works that are done in outdoor locations. In such works, different types of power tools and equipments are used. Operating such power tools requires a temporary source of power. Generator is also used in homes and business places as backup power. Some businesses operate very critical functions and even a few minutes of power outage can result in loss of thousands of dollars. In health centers, power outage can put lives at risk. Such problems can be avoided easily with a reliable power backup. There are some important things to consider when it comes to buying a generator for power.

Power Capacity
This is the most important aspect to consider when buying any type of generator. If the product does not generate sufficient power then all electrical items that need power cannot be used. Connecting more electrical items to the generator than it can handle will make it malfunction because of overload. It can lead to frequent breakdown of the system. On the other hand, a large generator that generates more electricity than needed will prove inefficient and expensive to run. It is a good idea to first list all electrical items that will be connected to the generator. Details like voltage and wattage is written on all electrical items. Such details can be used to calculate the right power requirement. It helps choose the right generator.

Type of Fuel
While all types of fuels are available almost everywhere, some types of fuels are cheaper in one location while expensive in another location. A generator that can be run on the least expensive fuel available locally should be selected. Large backup generators needed for buildings usually run on natural or propane gas while portable generators are preferred in petrol or diesel variety.

Some generators generate lots of noise which can be a problem in residential areas. It is important to buy a generator that complies with the local council laws related to noise level. Some generators come covered in appropriate noise canceling structures. These units are mainly preferred by commercial centers and high-rise residential buildings. Noise canceling features are also available with portable generators. Some units may require buying extra parts like mufflers to reduce the noise to acceptable level.

Inverter Generator
Electricity generated from a generator is not very clean. It is suitable only for general electrical equipments and lighting products but not for sensitive electronic equipments. This problem is solved with the help of an inverter generator which generates flicker free electricity. This helps protect sensitive equipments from fluctuations in electric supply. These generators are usually powered with gasoline and run very quietly.

A generator used frequently may require lots of maintenance because it has many moving parts. It is better to buy a generator that can be repaired easily by local mechanics. Popular brands that have local authorized service centers should be preferred. It can be difficult to find spare parts for unknown brands in the local market.

Buyers should also check the type of warranty provided by the manufacturer. In some areas, permission is required from the local council to install a large generator.

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